Free eBook: The Virtual Currency Fraud Primer

SuperRewards App Fraud eBook

Let’s face it. Fraud is a problem we all deal with, and it’s not going away.

If anything, it’s getting worse every day. Fraudsters continue to find new ways to exploit websites, apps, and games just as quickly as we establish new ways to stop them. It’s an ongoing battle in a long, drawn out war to keep our technologies and payment systems safe.

At SuperRewards, we think about fraud protection every single day. We watch our customer’s payments and virtual currencies for fraudulent activity on an ongoing basis, and assist in combatting abusive users wherever we find them.

The Virtual Currency Fraud Primer

As such, we spend plenty of time advising our customers on how to tighten up their apps to reduce fraud rates, which typically means they’ll get to keep more of their revenues.

Always a good thing, keeping your revenue, right?

This is why today we’re sharing a free ebook on the subject, packed with high-level insights into how to protect your app or game from fraud.

Some of these tactics can be implemented with technology, and some of them involve the people in your organization. All of them are important, so download the ebook and keep it close as you beef up your security.


Table Of Contents

  1. Why Fraud Management Matters for Today’s Developer
  2. The Biggest Myth About Fraud Management
  3. Building a Strong Fraud Management System
  4. The Human & Technical Elements of Fraud Management
  5. Delivering Top Notch Fraud Prevention


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