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The 10 Commandments of Mobile App Analytics


Eric Seufert’s next installment of Commandments when it comes to mobile success is a must read and definite bookmark for both indie developers and role players in larger publishers.

These are the core virtues of getting not only your metrics right, but improving your interpretation of those metrics so that your decisions aren’t emotional or inherently biased.

Successfully iterating during the development of a mobile app – especially in the soft launch stage – requires a robust feedback loop and a sense of product development workflow that allows data to be transformed first into insight and then into product improvements.

Devs shouldn’t dismiss complainers despite what metrics say

A Thinking Ape’s Tayber Voyer shared insights this week at Montreal’s International Game Summit into taking user feedback into consideration when making design and feature decisions. Sometimes pure data won’t tell you the entire story.

We launched systems into the game that players took and used in ways we never imagined. And if we just looked at the metric, we would have never understood that.

A particular tactic he’s using to improve their titles:

One process Voyer endorsed for games-as-a-service developers was what he called a “minimum viable feature” approach. The idea is to hack a feature into a game with as little development resources as possible, just fleshed out enough to test a basic hypothesis.

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