Harness the Power of the Open Web

Harness the Power of the Open Web

Take Your Game Beyond Social Platforms

From reductions to virality to required payment methods, game developers are finding it increasingly challenging to acquire users and to monetize their games. SuperRewards has developed Social2WebTM, an integrated solution that packs the benefits of a social game with the broad reach of the Web.

    Social2WebTM Advantages:

  • Multiple Direct Payment Options
  • User Acquisition via Viral Channels
  • Wide Distribution via Game Portals
  • Revenue with Virtual Currency and Display Ads
  • Savings in Development Resources

Social2WebTM allows publishers to create and deploy a standalone version of their game on the Web quickly and easily. Enabled by Facebook Connect, Social2WebTM allows developers to harness all the cool features of their current Facebook games, while adding several powerful new features, such as incentivized invites, social display monetization, and a wide range of direct payment options. This new solution enables publishers to expand game distribution by accessing a proven source of gamers -- the Web.