Virtual Currency Promotions With SuperRewards

Virtual Currency Promo

We’re excited to announce a new promotional campaign feature for SuperRewards customers.

Now you can run promotions easily offering users a temporary bonus on virtual currency. These campaigns can be set up in advance with Start and Stop dates, which means you can set up promotional periods in advance based on holidays, content releases or events.

Promotions for virtual currency

We’re already seeing very successful campaigns from publishers around the world, with revenue bumps north of 30% on the first day of bonus promotions.

Flexible Promotional Options

The tool is flexible:

  • Choose Direct Pay or Offers only, or choose a specific custom offer/payment type
  • Target countries
  • Pick % bonus or “flat rate” bonuses
  • Customize your announcement language to show up for users

You can see some of the options available here:

Virtual currency promotions options


In order to help campaigns succeed, we’ve added in visual cues throughout the user-facing product, including old payout strikeouts, tooltip popups and a countdown.

Promotions for Virtual Currency

To get started, simply log into your Publisher Dashboard to set up a promotion!


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