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3 Obvious Ways To Improve Your Virtual Currency Monetization Today


We work with quite a few different types of businesses on their monetization. As an alternative payments platform, we facilitate both direct payments and an inventory of brand offers, letting businesses monetize a very wide swath of their users. We’ve also been doing this a very long time, so we’ve got a lot of experience […]

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Are These 3 Virtual Currency Design Mistakes Costing You Revenue?

Virtual Currency Stores

Basic design decisions related to your virtual currency can heavily influence a happy user’s willingness to pay for virtual goods. Those design tweaks don’t have to get in the way of a great user experience for all users, including the ones who never pay.

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4 No Brainer Optimizations For Your In-App Store


So you’ve built a game or app that users can download for free, and you’ve decided to structure your revenue model around a free-to-play strategy. What’s next? It’s time to think about how you might optimize your in-app store for revenues while making sure you respect your user’s experience.

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How Smart Developers Prevent User Fraud, Part 2


Last week we touched on some tips for designing games and apps so that fraudsters have a harder time making an impact on your bottom line. Today we’ll talk a bit about the types of activities that you (or your growth partner) can monitor in order to sniff out suspicious practices and prevent abuse from becoming a bigger problem.

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