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3 Obvious Ways To Improve Your Virtual Currency Monetization Today


We work with quite a few different types of businesses on their monetization. As an alternative payments platform, we facilitate both direct payments and an inventory of brand offers, letting businesses monetize a very wide swath of their users. We’ve also been doing this a very long time, so we’ve got a lot of experience […]

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Five Things Non-Game Developers Should Learn From Gaming’s Free-To-Play Model

Free-to-play monetization.

Games are among the highest-performing mobile apps, dominating a large percentage of the highest-grossing charts in most app stores.

Developers from all genres are learning how to apply the lessons of the games industry to their own business.

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Poison Trees, Indie Survival & The Beginning of Free-To-Play

Growth & Monetization Weekly

We follow a ton of news and blogs about apps, growth and monetization to keep up on industry trends, so each weekend we share some delightful reads for your enjoyment and learning. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments! This Week’s Best Reads Lots of learning and love in these pieces… Why […]

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Would Moving Your Game Off Facebook Lift ARPU?


We started noticing our customers quietly moving off of Facebook and onto the open web, so we got curious as to how that strategy would pay off.

Based on customer results, there’s some evidence that building a standalone game on the web might serve some developers very well.

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