Are These 3 Virtual Currency Design Mistakes Costing You Revenue?

Virtual Currency Stores

Basic design decisions related to your virtual currency can heavily influence a happy user’s willingness to pay for virtual goods. Those design tweaks don’t have to get in the way of a great user experience for all users, including the ones who never pay.

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Atari Cartridge Art, Losing Steam & Going Home

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week’s highlights include an indie dev’s post mortem, the benefits of playing games, and a look at original Artari cartridge art. Great stuff this week!

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14 Actionable Tactics That Help Developers Win The Battle Against Fraud

Prevent Fraud in Apps

In this digital age, cybercrime and online fraud is a business reality for developers, especially if the apps or games they build involve payments of any kind. This is a fact that smart developers cannot ignore if they hope to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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Growth & Monetization Weekly: Indie Writers, Indie Consoles & Daylight Drama

Growth & Monetization Weekly

We follow a ton of news and blogs about apps, growth and monetization to keep up on industry trends. We usually share the best stuff via our Twitter feed, but this is the part where we hang out with you during your Saturday reading session, furiously sending you links that we demand you read. Read this! Now read this!

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