3 Consumer Mindsets That Every Developer Needs To Be Aware Of

Pricing tweaks to convert more buyers.

Free-to-play and freemium app design demands an effective conversion funnel to monetize users. Any designer or developer optimizing for higher conversions faces the challenge of convincing their most conservative potential buyers to purchase.

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Music Videos, Launch Challenges & IPOs

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week’s best reads in game growth and monetization, featuring IPO talk, indie launch challenges, and out-of-the-box marketing stunts.

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Five Things Non-Game Developers Should Learn From Gaming’s Free-To-Play Model

Free-to-play monetization.

Games are among the highest-performing mobile apps, dominating a large percentage of the highest-grossing charts in most app stores.

Developers from all genres are learning how to apply the lessons of the games industry to their own business.

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Poison Trees, Indie Survival & The Beginning of Free-To-Play

Growth & Monetization Weekly

We follow a ton of news and blogs about apps, growth and monetization to keep up on industry trends, so each weekend we share some delightful reads for your enjoyment and learning. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments! This Week’s Best Reads Lots of learning and love in these pieces… Why […]

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