These Gamer Complaints About Feature Choices Could Make You A Better Designer

Reddit: Game feature complaints.

It’s interesting to see what the end user thinks about the products in your industry. It helps designers make strong choices as they build new projects.

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The Titanic Effect, Magic Numbers & Kickstarter Post Mortems

Growth & Monetization Weekly

We dig into some of the week’s best game dev posts from around the web, including a piece from Wargaming’s Gaming Economist you definitely should read.

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How Trion Worlds’ Community Team Executed RIFT’s Free-To-Play Transition [Interview]

RIFT Goes Free-To-Play

We spoke with Elizabeth Tobey, Trion Worlds’ Director of Community, to talk about RIFT’s transition to free-to-play and how to manage game communities.

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Smart Phone Consoles, Growing Up & Why F2P Matters

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week’s news roundup includes a lot of thought about free-to-play, a maturing gaming industry, and what role retention plays in successfully monetizing.

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