Who Will Follow In Free-To-Play’s Virtual Currency Footsteps?

The virtual currency Bitcoin, which last week reached $147 for a single coin.

The free-to-play trend in gaming is moving into other spaces in which consumers expect to try out new apps and services for free.

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Balanced Game Economies, Cookie Clicker & God

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week we bring you a ton of helpful insights into game design and in-game economies. Oh, and some God stuff. God knows all the things.

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57 Terms You Need To Understand If You Make Games, All In One Place


If you’re interested in game monetization, you should get an idea of the most common terms used in this field.

It’ll make your life infinitely easier.

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The Metagame, Indie Lifestyle & The Merits Of Crunch Development

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week’s gaming industry reads cover indie life, mid-core development, and larger studios’ use of crunch development. Check it out!

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