These Gamer Complaints About Feature Choices Could Make You A Better Designer

Gamer Complaints Reddit

What if over a thousand gamers got in a room and talked about their least favorite feature decisions in the games they’ve played?

That’d be a decently efficient survey of potential users for your own game, no? An exciting opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes?

Well, that just happened.

This week a unique thread emerged in /r/AskReddit which at this point has more than 4,000 comments after spending a few hours on the Front Page.

It’s a thread in which gamers answered the question:

“Gamers of Reddit, what feature in a game was meant to be awesome but for you ruined the game?”

The conversation that results is a very useful bit of customer insights for any serious game developer.

Hearing passionate users evaluate  features that developers thought might improve user experience, but actually resulted in the exact opposite, can go a long way to helping you make smart design decisions before and after your game is in the wild.

Obviously, one users opinion isn’t necessarily advice to hang your hat on, but learning from notable mistakes in game design should improve your overall instinct for what pleases users.

Some highlights below… click all the cited comments to see them in their original context.

Level Scaling


Quick Time Events

Game Design RedditGame Design Reddit

Game Design Reddit

Repetitive Sequences

Screenshot 10:23:13, 1:46 PM

Unlockable Everything

Screenshot 10:23:13, 1:49 PM

Affecting The Story

Screenshot 10:23:13, 1:50 PM

Mass Audience

Screenshot 10:23:13, 1:55 PM

Cut Scenes

Screenshot 10:23:13, 1:56 PM

A word to the wise…

It’s always interesting to see what the end user thinks about the products in your industry. It helps designers make strong choices as they move forward with their projects.

That said, what users “say” and what they “do” isn’t always congruent, so threads like this should be read with a grain of salt. The developers and designers behind these (mostly AAA) titles don’t live in a vacuum and certainly have reasons for their feature decisions.

In addition, what works for one game doesn’t necessarily work for another.

What doesn’t work in one game, may work in yours!

Have you ever made a really bad feature decision as a developer or designer? If so, let us know how you knew it was a mistake!


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