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Who Will Follow In Free-To-Play’s Virtual Currency Footsteps?

The virtual currency Bitcoin, which last week reached $147 for a single coin.

The free-to-play trend in gaming is moving into other spaces in which consumers expect to try out new apps and services for free.

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How Trion Worlds’ Community Team Executed RIFT’s Free-To-Play Transition [Interview]

RIFT Goes Free-To-Play

We spoke with Elizabeth Tobey, Trion Worlds’ Director of Community, to talk about RIFT’s transition to free-to-play and how to manage game communities.

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Smart Phone Consoles, Growing Up & Why F2P Matters

Growth & Monetization Weekly

This week’s news roundup includes a lot of thought about free-to-play, a maturing gaming industry, and what role retention plays in successfully monetizing.

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3 Consumer Mindsets That Every Developer Needs To Be Aware Of

Pricing tweaks to convert more buyers.

Free-to-play and freemium app design demands an effective conversion funnel to monetize users. Any designer or developer optimizing for higher conversions faces the challenge of convincing their most conservative potential buyers to purchase.

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