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Virtual Currency Promotions With SuperRewards

Virtual Currency on sale

Now you can run promotions easily offering users a temporary bonus on virtual currency. These campaigns can be set up in advance with Start and Stop dates, which means you can set up promotional periods in advance based on holidays, content releases or events.

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The Pros & Cons Of Your Gaming Studio’s Social Strategy

Twitter Bird-128

There are pros and cons to using a single or multi-account social strategy when you’re a game studio with multiple unrelated titles.

Let’s look at each approach in detail…

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Game Studios Can Kill It This Holiday With These Small Social Hacks


The holidays are a good time to reach out to current players and win over new ones. Leverage lots of free time and a strong word-of-mouth period to grow.

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The 1 Hour Hack To Connect With 100+ Influencers (With Templates)

SuperRewards Fiverr Hack

We’ve seen this result in widespread blog coverage and huge signups for teams who haven’t even built their product yet. Use it.

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