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Joining the Perk Family

SuperRewards and Perk

Our team is extremely excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by, and will be joining the Perk family to bring our customers even more options to help them monetize their applications and games.

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Virtual Currency Promotions With SuperRewards

Virtual Currency on sale

Now you can run promotions easily offering users a temporary bonus on virtual currency. These campaigns can be set up in advance with Start and Stop dates, which means you can set up promotional periods in advance based on holidays, content releases or events.

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We Added Bitcoin To Our Virtual Currency Platform, Here’s Why


As a game or app developer, bitcoin as a payment method is new territory. It’s obviously a very buzzworthy space at the moment, as nearly every day a new retail, ecommerce, or platform is integrating the crypto-currency in one way or another. That said, is it something you should consider?

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Many Game Studios Fail At Email Marketing, Here’s How You Win

Email Marketing for Gaming

Game studios aren’t typically great at email marketing. This post walks you through ten steps to ensure you’re on the right track.

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